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Savior Faire is Everywhere! (well almost)
by Dave

Savior Faire is a guy of who's identity remains unknown to me, but we see him a lot in our adventures around trains. We first encountered Savior Faire on our blizzard ride on the Black River & Western. He sat across from us in the coach and asked my wife to snap a picture of him with his camera.

Our second encounter was at Newfoundland station. We had gone up there to see the M-1 run. We didn't ride in it, but saw Savior Faire getting on. We actually ended up chasing the M-1 as far as Midland Park. There we let it go and managed to eventually find our way back to our beloved Sussex County.

Our third encounter was at Whippany. They were having a steam fest of sorts with the NYSW #142, the BR&W #60, and the M-1. We stopped by there on the way to my friend's house and lo and behold, who was on the boilerplate of the 142 but Savior Faire!

On the Easter Bunny train. I spotted him at the station at Newfoundland. Later, we saw him on the train and he actually handed us Elizabeth's new rabbit '/' which she had dropped while passing him (see even she knows!)

And on September 29 at the Hoboken Try-Transit Festival, I spotted him yet again... I should have snapped his picture!